The Challenge Of Receiptless

Statistics indicate that more than 300 billion receipts are printed every year in the United States.

Trees fell each year

In America alone, more than three million trees and nine billion gallons of water are used to produce receipts paper.

Emission of CO2

Printing paper receipts in US emits 28000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere the equivalent of 400,000 cars on the road.

Difficulty in receipt management

Paper receipts are so prone to get lost, crumbled, torn and faded. This is a big challenge for users to keep them.

Toxic paper receipts

About 93% of paper receipts are toxic thermal which is coated with Bisphenol A & Bisphenol S that can be absorbed by body.

Extra expenses

Paper receipts cause financial costs to companies. They spend about $5000 to $18000 each year only on thermal paper receipt.

poor maintenance

Not only is it time-consuming to store paper receipts, but also they take up a lot of space. It is not easy for users.

Our Solution


Not only protect yourself from toxic receipts and save millions of trees,but also enjoy the practical features of ReceiptLess


Be free from checkout queues and carbon footprint.Instead, have branding and security benefits.

Data security

ReceiptLess provides security of information, for either shoppers or retailers.

Future of application​​

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