Forget about extra expenses

The digital receipt hardware unit will be available through a onetime purchase at an average price of $60 per unit, reducing overall operational costs by not having to purchase receipt paper and ink.


cost effective

Paper receipts cause unnecessary financial costs to companies. The average cost of purchasing paper receipts is between $0.015 to $0.05.This means that if a store prints 1,000 receipts per day, every year $5,475 to $18,250 has been spent on buying just a thermal paper.By replacing digital receipts ,ReceiptLess will reduce extra costs.


As a potential benefit to the ReceiptLess solution, electronic receipts can deliver promotional content, provide cross-channel synergies and benefits, and push a company closer to a truly omnichannel brand presence.


current digital receipts either require scanning printed paper receipts into an app, taking images of receipts and uploading them to a location, or an expensive piece of hardware must be installed into a stores system. ReceiptLess will remove these pain points by implementing a small piece of hardware designed to work between a stores computer and Point-Of-Sale (POS) system without changing any infrastructure. Customers will simply tap the simple hardware device with their phone or scan a QR code and have their digital receipt automatically organized and stored in a mobile and web app.