Feel a greener world

According to statistics, thermal paper receipts, have 1000 times more bisphenol A(BPA) than a can of food.(Innes)


Not only protect yourself from toxic receipts and save millions of trees,but also enjoy the practical features of ReceiptLess


Every year, three million trees and nine million gallons of water are used to produce toxic thermal paper receipts. When you touch these receipts, the bisphenol poison contained in them is absorbed by the body.Moreover,due to the presence of poison in paper receipts, they cannot be recycled .By choosing ReceiptLess app,not only are you helping to save environment, but you are also protecting your own health.


Data Privacy


By creating a state-of-the-art application with a built-in receipt capture function,ReceiptLess will allow users to scan and photograph receipts on their mobile phone, will reduce the risk of receipts fraud. If a receipt can be matched to the right transaction in the app, this will make it a lot easier to follow up the purchase and prevent any potential fraudulence.
Due to the nature of the hardware, shoppers will not be required to share any personal information with the store, receiving it digital receipt directly onto their account or special token through a contact- less process. Moreover, ReceiptLess app will store all information regarding users in a safe and confidential online system. ReceiptLess will ensure the security of personal information of both retailers and shoppers.ReceiptLess software will be scanned on a regular basis for security risks and known vulnerabilities.


Finding the receipts you want from all the ones you have stored can be very time-consuming. Even, many companies still count their expenses manually, which takes a lot of time and money.ReceiptLess app will eliminate all these issues for consumers.As it can store all your receipts in one folder based on any category you want.So,ReceiptLess is a time saving app.


ReceiptLess will store all receipts in one secure online application by category, making it easy for users to both retrieve a receipt and to track spending on any particular item if desired. This will especially be helpful for people who often lose receipts or who rely on email receipts which can get lost in a large email inbox. The same benefits will also apply to stores whose workers may not properly organize and store receipts that are critical for their operations. Categories offered for organizational purposes will initially include food and beverages, grocery and entertainment. The app will then also provide users the opportunity to create their own categories. The app will separate receipts for personal and business purposes, as well as tax and reimbursement purposes.